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Welcome to what  will be a regularly updated blog about all aspects of legal malpractice.

I look forward to sharing with you information and insights that I have gained  in more than 22 years of  litigating legal malpractice cases, fee disputes between attorneys and clients,  and cases involving unethical  attorney conduct.

As far as I know, I am one of the few attorneys in the United States whose entire practice is devoted solely to representing former clients suing their former attorneys or assisting in grievances against attorneys. Most attorneys who  handle legal malpractice cases usually practice in other areas of law as well.  I can safely say that I am  probably the only legal malpractice attorney  in America who also sued his law school  (in my case, the University of Pennsylvania)… but that’s a long and very interesting story  that I will let you know about in some future blog post.

While most attorneys are competent, even the most competent attorney on occasion  makes a mistake.  Clients rely on attorneys for many crucial aspects of life, from the simple to the complex.  I believe what I do is important because attorneys who did not represent clients competently should be held accountable.

I represent plaintiffs who believe they have been damaged by their attorneys. I handle a wide range of  legal malpractice cases involving all kinds of underlying issues such as divorce,  contract law, conservatorships, inheritance, business claims, consumer protection, and much more. I have been fortunate in having the opportunity to handle some highly complex cases involving tens of thousands of pages of documents, multiple witnesses,and very interesting facts.

But the one thing that is common to all the cases  that I have handled is that my clients are unhappy with the representation they received, and attorneys  universally hate to be sued.  I have been pushed, threatened, and more,  by at least some of the attorneys I have sued on behalf of clients.  Perhaps that is because these  attorneys know how difficult the litigation process can be, but it is one of the hazards of the job. I have some interesting stories about that as well to post at some future date.

Legal malpractice is that area of law dealing with attorneys who are not only negligent, but whose mistakes, incompetence, or worse may have financially damaged a client. This blog will also be addressing issues related to  attorney ethics, and how and attorney’s unethical conduct can also  potentially damage a client who is a victim of that unethical conduct.

While nothing in this blog is legal advice (please see my disclaimer page), I hope that I will provide useful information for clients and attorneys in this very complicated area of law that is constantly changing.  By understanding legal malpractice, clients or attorneys have a better chance of avoiding being on either the receiving or giving end of it.

I welcome your comments and questions ( which can also be sent to me via email via the Contact page).

Thanks  for stopping by…. and I hope you visit again.

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Author: Howard  Altschuler

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