Legal Services

Phone, office, Skype, web conference, and on-site consulting 


Unless you or your company is in an urgent situation (for example, an impending statute of limitation or you are being sued by a law firm for legal fees), most of my legal malpractice clients begin the process with a detailed consultation.

I can analyze your legal malpractice situation, review documents, speak with potential witnesses, and advise you of your options.  I am fully computerized and can handle cases of any complexity, even ones with hundreds of thousands of documents, multiple parties, out of state witnesses, and more.

Litigation/Negotiating in All Courts 


I practice primarily in Connecticut and New York. I am also admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and other appellate courts. However, for legal malpractice cases where there are substantial potential damages or complexities, I may represent clients in other states on a case-by-case basis. A crucial part of any legal malpractice is the negotiating process. Most cases settle, prior to or even during an actual trial, so it is important to have an attorney  would not only can represent you but who can negotiate on your behalf.



If the issue you are concerned about relates to a legal malpractice litigation matter that has already been decided by a court or jury, you may have a right to appeal. I can handle appeals to state and federal courts where I am admitted, including the United States Supreme Court.

If there has already been an appeal and an unfavorable decision in your legal malpractice case, you may consider having me review the appeal to see if there is any indication in the appeal that negligence on the part of your attorney or law firm may have resulted in a negative decision.



Apart from the practice of law, I have a background in teaching and I am available to speak before your group, school, or business on any topic related to legal malpractice, legal fees, or ethical considerations related to lawyers.  I have a different perspective on the law, an interesting background, and I also could provide a helpful overview and general tips to retaining attorneys, how to oversee their work and their fees, and some of the options clients generally have when problems arise.

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