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For a brief initial phone call or more information about your legal malpractice, fee dispute, or ethical claims against an attorney or law firm, please use the contact form below to send an email.

Please provide your full name, email address, case location, and the name of the attorneys you are calling about. Messages without all the requested information may not be returned. Attorney Altschuler will respond to your email or phone call as soon as possible to arrange for an initial 5-10 minute phone call to provide basic information. Your contact information will not be used for any purpose other than Attorney Altschuler personally contacting you as part of this initial free call.

Please note:  The use of the Internet or this form for communication with this firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Confidential or time-sensitive information must not be sent through this form. Attorney Altschuler will contact you with instructions for providing additional information after receipt of your message. Thank you.

NOTE: There are temporary technical problems with the contact form due to an update of the WordPress plugin (as of August 2018). While I am trying to correct that, if you are from Connecticut, leave a message at 1-234-567-9897 along with your email address. I am not currently accepting clients from other states. Thank you.

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