Category: Issues Related to UNETHICAL CONDUCT of Attorneys

A Tale of Two Grievances— (1) $20 too late, and (2) $650 too much

If you believe an attorney has been unethical in dealings with you, one option is filing a grievance with your state bar.  Many if not most state courts have grievances online. For example, Connecticut has grievance decisions going back to

Silence is Not Always Golden

If an attorney violates ethical rules, a complaint may be filed against the attorney with your state grievance committee. Courts also have jurisdiction over the conduct of attorneys and may impose sanctions particularly for conduct during the course of litigation.  

Lawyer joke is no joke: what do you do about attorneys who lie, or otherwise engage in deceptive conduct?

First, the joke: “An engineer, a physicist, and a lawyer were being interviewed for a position as chief executive officer of a large corporation.The engineer was interviewed first, and was asked a long list of questions, ending with “How much