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What percent of civil cases make it to trial?

Filing a civil suit generally means the plaintiff is seeking monetary damages from the defendant. Sometimes, the plaintiff might be seeking other kinds of relief such as an injunction, but whatever is being sought, the filing of a complaint begins

How to protect yourself from a lawyer’s retaining lien

In my previous blog post, I briefly discussed the little known (at least to clients) retaining lien. That’s because most lawyers don’t tell clients about this. By the time most clients find out about the retaining lien, it is usually

What is a retaining lien, and how do lawyers get away with it?

Our legal system has its faults, but it is still the best way of resolving differences. At least it’s an improvement over dueling.  Unfortunately, the public’s perception of the ethics and honesty of lawyers is low (although not as low

How long does it take to litigate a lawsuit from start to finish? Could it take … 1 year … 3 years … 28 years … 48 years or … 716 years? (Amazingly, the answer seems to be… yes.)

Potential legal malpractice litigants need to consider many factors before actually commencing a lawsuit. One factor is understanding (and accepting) that the litigation process may take a long time. For a legal malpractice plaintiff who seeks justice and a day

What are the chances that MY attorney/law firm is committing legal malpractice and I don’t know about it?

If a doctor is negligent, you will almost always know it. The impact of a doctor’s malpractice will affect your physical health sooner or later. If an attorney is negligent, unfortunately, the chances are good that you, as a client,

You Do WHAT For a Living?

When I am asked what I do for a living when meeting people who do not know me, I respond that I am an attorney and I do “legal malpractice.” I usually see a quizzical look on the face of the

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